Threading thru my baju Raya

Okay, I am getting the hang of this sewing hobby. Once I am done with my Baju Raya project, I have to say I am definitely going to try some other non major and less time-consuming sewing projects. Such as? Wow, I could try making a handkerchief, adding embroidery to it. Or try out bags? Ugly bags, nice bags, tote bags, lunch bags (hmm..i am still learning the names of the types of bags there are in the market.). Or I could try making my girls some dresses..or not..

I realized that learning something new gives me a certain feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder we are always encouraged to learn, learn and not stop learning. It doesn’t have to be learning in an institution. In fact it could be simple everyday things. Recipes. Home organizing. DIY home decorations. Goodness, the lists goes on and on. The sense of accomplishment you get from looking at the end product of your work as a result of your information acquirement is truly sensational. Subhanallah!

Maybe when I am confident enough of the results of my sewing, I may put it up for viewing and sale. Who knows, I may get ahead soon. 🙂

Time to take charge and be the person I want to be. (Someone else?:P) Time to BE BOLD

    and BE BRAVE

. Lets put on that TIGGERriffic mask and paint those awesome stripes on us. Figuratively..



My Sewing Projects

I am currently trying to start a new project. Sewing. To tell you the truth, the only sewing class I had were back when I was in my teens some 20 plus years ago, in school with my Home Economics teacher. I never sew anything after my 18th birthday and to start sewing now is a major feat to ponder AND wonder at.

I am attempting to make three Baju Melayu and three Baju Kurung in the next two weeks. Great. Cutting the pieces to be sewn is trickier. I had to call in the Big Guns to help me with that, my old man. He was a what you would call as a Professional Taylor. So my Dad helped me cut the pieces and I sew the pieces together.

Yes, and I did manage to finish one suit of baju melayu. The smallest one though but I did it anyway. Maybe I will post the pictures in later on. What a sense of accomplishment and a rush of adrenaline at seeing the end result. Not Bad, actually..if you don’t get too close and scrutinize my sewing that is.

Okay, I will update again soon.

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Hello world!

Hello World indeed. I feel like a dinosaur in the world of concrete and steel. Others have done wonders in bloggings and writing out great articles, either using blogspots, or wordpress..or any other blogging community there is out there. I am 5 years behind everyone else.. that’s 5 animal years mind you. So that officially makes me a young dinosaur. ( I am not quite ready to call myself ancient just yet)

I have another blog running at the moment at I am updating that one kinda regularly too.

What I am really trying to do is getting my hand (hands, if you may) in many places. My parents always say “Don’t do too many things at once! You’ll never finish a thing!”

But one important fact here. I am a woman and women are infamous of multi-tasking.

Which is why I am at the very moment watching tv, writing and taking care of my lil ones all at the same time.


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