Threading thru my baju Raya

Okay, I am getting the hang of this sewing hobby. Once I am done with my Baju Raya project, I have to say I am definitely going to try some other non major and less time-consuming sewing projects. Such as? Wow, I could try making a handkerchief, adding embroidery to it. Or try out bags? Ugly bags, nice bags, tote bags, lunch bags (hmm..i am still learning the names of the types of bags there are in the market.). Or I could try making my girls some dresses..or not..

I realized that learning something new gives me a certain feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder we are always encouraged to learn, learn and not stop learning. It doesn’t have to be learning in an institution. In fact it could be simple everyday things. Recipes. Home organizing. DIY home decorations. Goodness, the lists goes on and on. The sense of accomplishment you get from looking at the end product of your work as a result of your information acquirement is truly sensational. Subhanallah!

Maybe when I am confident enough of the results of my sewing, I may put it up for viewing and sale. Who knows, I may get ahead soon. 🙂

Time to take charge and be the person I want to be. (Someone else?:P) Time to BE BOLD

    and BE BRAVE

. Lets put on that TIGGERriffic mask and paint those awesome stripes on us. Figuratively..



What I learned about blogging today

Being evidently new to blogging, I decided I needed to do a bit of researching around and see what the gurus have to say about blogging and what to (and not to) do when one wants to blog.

Fair enough, googling the words “tips to blog“, I ended up with 356 000 000 search entries *duh*. Yahoo-ing the same words gave me 1 590 000 000 entries. Goodness me! Do I have to go through every single one of them? Am I that far back behind everyone else? If so, then I am worse than a dinosaur, I’d be equivalent to the first unicellular organism on earth!! That’s very discouraging..

So, of course I started from the #1 ranked, moving slowly but certainly down. By the time I got to #20, my head was sort of buzzing with an overload of information. Some told again and again, others were newly acquired knowledge adding up into a rusty bin of a brain I have right now.

However, I did find lots of good posts that did have what I needed .. and more. A list of the posts I found helpful to me were

  1. This particular post by Nathan Hangen did catch my eye and piqued my interest.  I love it especially when he said you need to be EVERYWHERE to get noticed. I think its true..
  2. Another particularly good post is another 10 tips on what you should do when you want to blog. Very factual and straight to the point.
  3. Once you have your posts ready, get in that space shuttle and be prepared to fly off to virtual space. But right before that, you have to take a look what is prerequisite for a successful launch.
  1. Now this post gives you the overall timeframe of the growth of your blog. Good reading and great lessons told.
  2. This is another good article on blogging from toptenblogtips. The way they lay it out to you makes it easier to find what you are looking for. I personally love it.
  3. Other than that, you can also check these blog communities such as the dailyblogtips, bloggingtips, toptenblogtips and problogger. I know there are many more communities out there ready to give out some tips or two. I just need to find them.

By and by, what I did get from all that reading is that nothing is easy, what I need is patience and lots of help from the people who know more than me, some if not many mistakes, and patience, lots and lots of patience. Have I said that? Oh yes I did.. Well, I am going to wish myself luck. I am hoping the best for me and everyone reading this post this year. Good Luck.

p.s – I hope linking my post with the posts I listed out is okay. If not, please someone out there do advice. 🙂


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