Threading thru my baju Raya

Okay, I am getting the hang of this sewing hobby. Once I am done with my Baju Raya project, I have to say I am definitely going to try some other non major and less time-consuming sewing projects. Such as? Wow, I could try making a handkerchief, adding embroidery to it. Or try out bags? Ugly bags, nice bags, tote bags, lunch bags (hmm..i am still learning the names of the types of bags there are in the market.). Or I could try making my girls some dresses..or not..

I realized that learning something new gives me a certain feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder we are always encouraged to learn, learn and not stop learning. It doesn’t have to be learning in an institution. In fact it could be simple everyday things. Recipes. Home organizing. DIY home decorations. Goodness, the lists goes on and on. The sense of accomplishment you get from looking at the end product of your work as a result of your information acquirement is truly sensational. Subhanallah!

Maybe when I am confident enough of the results of my sewing, I may put it up for viewing and sale. Who knows, I may get ahead soon. 🙂

Time to take charge and be the person I want to be. (Someone else?:P) Time to BE BOLD

    and BE BRAVE

. Lets put on that TIGGERriffic mask and paint those awesome stripes on us. Figuratively..



Education Frenzy..

Aahh, yet again the Ministry of Education has shown their zealousness in creating greater and better study environments for our young ones. Yesterday they announced that they are putting up a new status for 14 scecondary schools in Malaysia as high performance schools (SBTs, they are called). So yet another naming if by putting on a new name it will make everything better?

In the past ten years, I have already heard of a number of school improvement programs. They always choose a few “lucky” schools to try whatever tests they wanna do. In other words, these chosen schools get to play guinea pigs. The pros of being the guinea pigs of the MOE is that they get some extras in term of finance, and sometimes materials which are gifts sent from heaven.

The Lucky? few…

The thing that annoys me the most is each project doesn’t have an ending.. What happened to Sekolah Bestari? What is going on with Sekolah Elite? What are the results from those experiments? Obviously it must have been failure upon failure if we keep trying on new experiments and projects on these schools. In the end, the rest of the education community does not get a thing.

Come on, there is nothing wrong with improving and developing school learning environment, only if things get delivered and shared across the whole country. A project that costs some billion ringgit must have an end result. Some proof that all the money spent did not go to waste. Why can’t a minister taking over the ministry for once NOT start something new but be of one heart and vision to finish the project in hand, regardless of whatever happens. OR if that is impossible, than the government should at least NOT change the minister who had the big idea and vision UNTIL his project is done and settled.

It’s not a wonder that most of the students are getting wilder, some of the teachers are getting out of hand and everyone looks at the teaching profession with no credibility whatsoever..well, maybe not all but a significant number.

So, go figure…


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