Project Raya Runway So Far

I just realised something about me. I get distracted too easily. Humph! I was going around blogwalking recently, trying to promote my other blog and a typical shoppaholic that I am, I had a very strong urge to splurge on the crazy beautiful things on OTHER peeps blogs. Dang! My head is still spinning from all the information and image download.

Okay, my Raya Runway Project is so far almost at a standstill. Got too many other commitments to tend to. I am hoping that my Raya Runway won’t turn into our Raya Run Away!! Yikes! Anyway, I did manage to almost get my youngest son ‘Baju Melayu” done.

Danish's Raya Couture

Danish's Raya Couture

Now about the pants that go with that “baju”, that would be the unfinished part, yet to be done soon enough.

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Well at least Raya morning, when given the red carpet infamous question “Who are you wearing?”, I can say proudly Danish is wearing MamaTinie’s Design.



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