My Sewing Projects

I am currently trying to start a new project. Sewing. To tell you the truth, the only sewing class I had were back when I was in my teens some 20 plus years ago, in school with my Home Economics teacher. I never sew anything after my 18th birthday and to start sewing now is a major feat to ponder AND wonder at.

I am attempting to make three Baju Melayu and three Baju Kurung in the next two weeks. Great. Cutting the pieces to be sewn is trickier. I had to call in the Big Guns to help me with that, my old man. He was a what you would call as a Professional Taylor. So my Dad helped me cut the pieces and I sew the pieces together.

Yes, and I did manage to finish one suit of baju melayu. The smallest one though but I did it anyway. Maybe I will post the pictures in later on. What a sense of accomplishment and a rush of adrenaline at seeing the end result. Not Bad, actually..if you don’t get too close and scrutinize my sewing that is.

Okay, I will update again soon.

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It’s been ages since I wrote here. I had been concentrating on my other blog mostly. In three months, many things occurred.

1. My mother in laws house is finally finished, moved in and immaculately clean. It took almost 11 months to get the house done, from breaking ground in April, laying out the foundations in June, getting the beams and structure up by August, and so on and so forth. Well, of course I didn’t lay my hands in any of the carpentry work, at all. If I did, I am pretty sure my mom in law would probably still be living in her rundown house, waiting for the floor and walls to crumble. And I would probably not be welcomed for a long, long, long time from her house.

2. My leave is officially finished. I am in school, working now. Getting headaches and hunched back all over again. If I was a rich man, la la la la la la la la….

3. Since holiday is over for me, we moved back to KL from Terengganu in a matter of 1 week. A record actually to do all the packing in 2 days, got the things hauled into a lorry and unpacked all the stuffs AGAIN in 4 days. Actually I kinda stretched the truth. It’d be more than a week now. I still have a box or two ( maybe some extra bags here and there) still untouched. How tiring..

4. My brother in law now has a daughter. Born March – i don’t remember the date. but it was in March, that i can be sure.. So an addition to our extended family.

5. My other brother in law is planning to enter himself in a reality tv show. Not the singing type, but a reality tv program nonetheless. I still have my doubts but I guess, if he wants it let him try.. If he does qualify himself, then I’d be the relative to a tv star..Now, ain’t that just peachy..

Well, I have to go now. I have class in awhile.. I guess, I’ll say adios for now. Maybe it won’t take as long for me to write another blog here. Bye for now..

Education Frenzy..

Aahh, yet again the Ministry of Education has shown their zealousness in creating greater and better study environments for our young ones. Yesterday they announced that they are putting up a new status for 14 scecondary schools in Malaysia as high performance schools (SBTs, they are called). So yet another naming if by putting on a new name it will make everything better?

In the past ten years, I have already heard of a number of school improvement programs. They always choose a few “lucky” schools to try whatever tests they wanna do. In other words, these chosen schools get to play guinea pigs. The pros of being the guinea pigs of the MOE is that they get some extras in term of finance, and sometimes materials which are gifts sent from heaven.

The Lucky? few…

The thing that annoys me the most is each project doesn’t have an ending.. What happened to Sekolah Bestari? What is going on with Sekolah Elite? What are the results from those experiments? Obviously it must have been failure upon failure if we keep trying on new experiments and projects on these schools. In the end, the rest of the education community does not get a thing.

Come on, there is nothing wrong with improving and developing school learning environment, only if things get delivered and shared across the whole country. A project that costs some billion ringgit must have an end result. Some proof that all the money spent did not go to waste. Why can’t a minister taking over the ministry for once NOT start something new but be of one heart and vision to finish the project in hand, regardless of whatever happens. OR if that is impossible, than the government should at least NOT change the minister who had the big idea and vision UNTIL his project is done and settled.

It’s not a wonder that most of the students are getting wilder, some of the teachers are getting out of hand and everyone looks at the teaching profession with no credibility whatsoever..well, maybe not all but a significant number.

So, go figure…

Hard Love

When we were young and had no worries we learned that love was a simple and pure emotion. Love was a feeling bigger than anything. It cures pain and  keeps us safe. Even if life was hard, I believe that love made it all least in our young innocent eyes. Love was unconditional. We never have to ask to be loved. Whether we were nice, good, naughty or bad we were accepted and cared for without any prejudice.

As we grew older, love became a different emotion. No longer as innocent as we knew it to be. Love came with a prize, be it happiness or misery, which we would feel at one point in our life. Love becomes a thing that needs continuous work. It demands some sacrifice and unbidden tears. No longer unconditional or innocent.  Even if we wanted it to be pure and simple as it used to be, the truth is Love has become a prized commodity.

We begin to do things, even if it is not of our liking, just to get approval and noticed. And most importantly the ultimate prize, to be loved and cherish. How could this be?

Well, the love we knew when we were young could not exist anymore. Simply because we often seek love at the wrong places with the wrong people. We think the other stranger will be able to provide the same quality of love our family (especially our parents) had given us before. The thing is just that, these people are strangers. It’s a learning process, a process needing years of patience and communication between two people.

Unfortunately, in the era of the updated technology and the world of high speed “everything”, love has become a fast food franchise. You’ll get what you buy over the counter. If you get a bad order, you just chuck it off the side. No more perusing over our choices because you know there are more choices out there to pick from. Love looks simple enough to order but the end result will be bad for you.

What I learned about blogging today

Being evidently new to blogging, I decided I needed to do a bit of researching around and see what the gurus have to say about blogging and what to (and not to) do when one wants to blog.

Fair enough, googling the words “tips to blog“, I ended up with 356 000 000 search entries *duh*. Yahoo-ing the same words gave me 1 590 000 000 entries. Goodness me! Do I have to go through every single one of them? Am I that far back behind everyone else? If so, then I am worse than a dinosaur, I’d be equivalent to the first unicellular organism on earth!! That’s very discouraging..

So, of course I started from the #1 ranked, moving slowly but certainly down. By the time I got to #20, my head was sort of buzzing with an overload of information. Some told again and again, others were newly acquired knowledge adding up into a rusty bin of a brain I have right now.

However, I did find lots of good posts that did have what I needed .. and more. A list of the posts I found helpful to me were

  1. This particular post by Nathan Hangen did catch my eye and piqued my interest.  I love it especially when he said you need to be EVERYWHERE to get noticed. I think its true..
  2. Another particularly good post is another 10 tips on what you should do when you want to blog. Very factual and straight to the point.
  3. Once you have your posts ready, get in that space shuttle and be prepared to fly off to virtual space. But right before that, you have to take a look what is prerequisite for a successful launch.
  1. Now this post gives you the overall timeframe of the growth of your blog. Good reading and great lessons told.
  2. This is another good article on blogging from toptenblogtips. The way they lay it out to you makes it easier to find what you are looking for. I personally love it.
  3. Other than that, you can also check these blog communities such as the dailyblogtips, bloggingtips, toptenblogtips and problogger. I know there are many more communities out there ready to give out some tips or two. I just need to find them.

By and by, what I did get from all that reading is that nothing is easy, what I need is patience and lots of help from the people who know more than me, some if not many mistakes, and patience, lots and lots of patience. Have I said that? Oh yes I did.. Well, I am going to wish myself luck. I am hoping the best for me and everyone reading this post this year. Good Luck.

p.s – I hope linking my post with the posts I listed out is okay. If not, please someone out there do advice. 🙂

    Travelogue1 for year 2010

    We had a little time away from home to start off 2010. What a great way to begin the New Year.

    I am going to try and not write about it much but show it off.

    Travelogue1 for 2010

    Not a very professional photo edit but I hope to improve on that soon enough.

    Well, we came back totally bummed out and dead tired. Even my baby is still cranky from all that travelling.

    To plan or not to plan

    When it comes to planning, I am the Queen of the Planner. You name it I have done it. Daily Planning, Weekly Planning, Monthly Planning, Yearly planning.. wow, Planning is actually as easy as ABC.

    The whole point of planning is to be more mentally and physically organized, isn’t it? The hardest part of it all would be the execution of the plan. To put those written WORDS to ACTION. The courage to do as planned especially when it concerns big and major life changes.

    It takes more than will power. It probably needs something akin to desperation to put all that’s planned in to motion. If not, than what was planned would only be just words on paper. So I guess when it comes to planning, your do it when you are ready to MOVE your butt off that chair and really start doing something.

    Like the saying goes :


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