My aspiring doctor

future physician in the making

future physician in the making

This is my daughter role playing.. Not surprising as a doctor. She is poking me all over my body from the tip of my hair to the nail on my toes.
Talk about a thorough check up..

It made me remember the times when I as a child played make believe with my sister. My mum had told me she always noticed that whenever we played together, my sister would be the dominant figure while I played the opposite.

No surprise my sister is an authority in her job. I am more of a follower. I guess even when we were young there is a hint of the leader (or lack of it) in us.

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Threading thru my baju Raya

Okay, I am getting the hang of this sewing hobby. Once I am done with my Baju Raya project, I have to say I am definitely going to try some other non major and less time-consuming sewing projects. Such as? Wow, I could try making a handkerchief, adding embroidery to it. Or try out bags? Ugly bags, nice bags, tote bags, lunch bags (hmm..i am still learning the names of the types of bags there are in the market.). Or I could try making my girls some dresses..or not..

I realized that learning something new gives me a certain feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder we are always encouraged to learn, learn and not stop learning. It doesn’t have to be learning in an institution. In fact it could be simple everyday things. Recipes. Home organizing. DIY home decorations. Goodness, the lists goes on and on. The sense of accomplishment you get from looking at the end product of your work as a result of your information acquirement is truly sensational. Subhanallah!

Maybe when I am confident enough of the results of my sewing, I may put it up for viewing and sale. Who knows, I may get ahead soon. 🙂

Time to take charge and be the person I want to be. (Someone else?:P) Time to BE BOLD

    and BE BRAVE

. Lets put on that TIGGERriffic mask and paint those awesome stripes on us. Figuratively..


Project Raya Runway So Far

I just realised something about me. I get distracted too easily. Humph! I was going around blogwalking recently, trying to promote my other blog and a typical shoppaholic that I am, I had a very strong urge to splurge on the crazy beautiful things on OTHER peeps blogs. Dang! My head is still spinning from all the information and image download.

Okay, my Raya Runway Project is so far almost at a standstill. Got too many other commitments to tend to. I am hoping that my Raya Runway won’t turn into our Raya Run Away!! Yikes! Anyway, I did manage to almost get my youngest son ‘Baju Melayu” done.

Danish's Raya Couture

Danish's Raya Couture

Now about the pants that go with that “baju”, that would be the unfinished part, yet to be done soon enough.

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Well at least Raya morning, when given the red carpet infamous question “Who are you wearing?”, I can say proudly Danish is wearing MamaTinie’s Design.

End of 2010

Everyone’s talking about a New Year Resolution, including me. I think I have it all wrong. I should be focusing on what I want to achieve by end of year 2010.

So starting from now, I will create a checklist or a check-board or a check-card where I will have all the things I want to have by the end of year 2010. 12 short term list and a one year list. Who knows, 2010 would bring good things.

In moving forward, perhaps we need to move backwards. From the goals we set, making steps back to where we are now. I still have time to do that before 2009 closes its curtain. I know then I’ll feel much more prepared and enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of year 2010.

It’s time to get organized and all planned out!! It’s personal space spring cleaning time.

The 10 things I hate about ME

In view of the upcoming New Year and my yearly unresolved resolutions I have decided to announce the TEN things that I hate about Myself and forever wish to change.

  1. I dislike that I am a hard core procrastinator. I procrastinate at the first opportunity.
  2. I hate that I lack self-discipline. I run out of focus faster than I run out of breath at a 10m dash.
  3. I hate that I can never complete anything to the end and til it is a success.I can’t follow through. I almost always stop midway in all of my projects. I won’t give any examples coz it’d be too embarrassing.
  4. I hate that I jump into everything to early and with little research hence making bigger and bigger mistakes as I go along and with greater and greater consequences.
  5. I hate that my heart rules over my head.
  6. I hate that I am such a lazy bum when I know I can’t afford to be.
  7. I hate that I am afraid of hard work and failing.
  8. I hate that I am afraid to open my mouth and say something, which makes me a bad marketeer.
  9. I hate that I am disorganized and too easily distracted by the slightest thing that looks easier.
  10. I hate that I am selfish and can only think of what I want, thus making even more bad decisions.

Perhaps I lied about hating 10 things about me.. I do believe I have a few more in my sleeves. But maybe I will keep that unannounced for another day. Do I need motivation? YES, I do. Do I need to be hynotised? Yes I do ( coz that’d be the easier way out of the rut I am in). Do I need a new New Year Resolution? No I don’t need one coz last year’s list was pretty much left untouched.

What do I need? I need a paradigm shift and a new brain with a new attitude. I am the tin man plus the lion pls the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

Hello world!

Hello World indeed. I feel like a dinosaur in the world of concrete and steel. Others have done wonders in bloggings and writing out great articles, either using blogspots, or wordpress..or any other blogging community there is out there. I am 5 years behind everyone else.. that’s 5 animal years mind you. So that officially makes me a young dinosaur. ( I am not quite ready to call myself ancient just yet)

I have another blog running at the moment at I am updating that one kinda regularly too.

What I am really trying to do is getting my hand (hands, if you may) in many places. My parents always say “Don’t do too many things at once! You’ll never finish a thing!”

But one important fact here. I am a woman and women are infamous of multi-tasking.

Which is why I am at the very moment watching tv, writing and taking care of my lil ones all at the same time.


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