5 talents I wish I had

Have you ever looked at a person and find yourself saying, “Hmm, I wish I could do that..”? Well, I certainly have, several moments in fact. I looked at something or someone and thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could do that…or more”. Today I thought I’d just list that all out and see what I have… or wished that I had. See if you ever thought that too?

  1. Sing – yupe, you thought it. Too much American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Britain Got Talent, Malaysian Idol and what not. Nowadays, even chipmunks can sing. But this is the talent that when you open your mouth and sing everyone else stops in mid motion and stand mesmerized.
  2. Dance – Do you think you can Dance? I sometimes think I can Dance. Most of the time I know I can do your basic side to side, front and back, a little jig and shake but nothing fancy. All that ballet moves, bending and doing splits plus somersaults. Wow, that I wish I could do.
  3. Oratorical speaker – Some people are just gifted to speak in front of an audience AND capture 110% of their attention. Everything they say are just like gold falling out of their mouth and the audience would be hanging to every single drop of word. They can say crap but audience will hear sweet melodies out of them. Wouldn’t that be great? To have people around you cling to your words.
  4. Leadership – Not everyone can be a leader. Many turned out to be followers all their lives. I would love to have that in born talent to be such an authority figure people respect and look up to my leadership quality. I am telling you that is one talent that’s hard to find.
  5. Finally, an Inventor – and what I meant is a creative individual. At the moment I am as creative as a frog. If I crack my brain a bit harder then I can be a little bit more creative than normal. Otherwise creativity level for me is almost NIL. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have creativity flow through you and everytime you need it, you just have to close your eyes for awhile and all kinds of ideas rush to greet you.

Well, that’s my list…for now. This is however an ever growing list and tends to change it’s item now and again. I am sure I can come up with another list soon enough.


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  1. ila-ali
    Nov 07, 2010 @ 16:09:12

    im so envy people who can write novels, motivational books. i have one friend can published almost 10 novel a year and can still be among the bestsellers book…
    i wish i can be like her too…


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