My Sewing Projects

I am currently trying to start a new project. Sewing. To tell you the truth, the only sewing class I had were back when I was in my teens some 20 plus years ago, in school with my Home Economics teacher. I never sew anything after my 18th birthday and to start sewing now is a major feat to ponder AND wonder at.

I am attempting to make three Baju Melayu and three Baju Kurung in the next two weeks. Great. Cutting the pieces to be sewn is trickier. I had to call in the Big Guns to help me with that, my old man. He was a what you would call as a Professional Taylor. So my Dad helped me cut the pieces and I sew the pieces together.

Yes, and I did manage to finish one suit of baju melayu. The smallest one though but I did it anyway. Maybe I will post the pictures in later on. What a sense of accomplishment and a rush of adrenaline at seeing the end result. Not Bad, actually..if you don’t get too close and scrutinize my sewing that is.

Okay, I will update again soon.

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