It’s been ages since I wrote here. I had been concentrating on my other blog mostly. In three months, many things occurred.

1. My mother in laws house is finally finished, moved in and immaculately clean. It took almost 11 months to get the house done, from breaking ground in April, laying out the foundations in June, getting the beams and structure up by August, and so on and so forth. Well, of course I didn’t lay my hands in any of the carpentry work, at all. If I did, I am pretty sure my mom in law would probably still be living in her rundown house, waiting for the floor and walls to crumble. And I would probably not be welcomed for a long, long, long time from her house.

2. My leave is officially finished. I am in school, working now. Getting headaches and hunched back all over again. If I was a rich man, la la la la la la la la….

3. Since holiday is over for me, we moved back to KL from Terengganu in a matter of 1 week. A record actually to do all the packing in 2 days, got the things hauled into a lorry and unpacked all the stuffs AGAIN in 4 days. Actually I kinda stretched the truth. It’d be more than a week now. I still have a box or two ( maybe some extra bags here and there) still untouched. How tiring..

4. My brother in law now has a daughter. Born March – i don’t remember the date. but it was in March, that i can be sure.. So an addition to our extended family.

5. My other brother in law is planning to enter himself in a reality tv show. Not the singing type, but a reality tv program nonetheless. I still have my doubts but I guess, if he wants it let him try.. If he does qualify himself, then I’d be the relative to a tv star..Now, ain’t that just peachy..

Well, I have to go now. I have class in awhile.. I guess, I’ll say adios for now. Maybe it won’t take as long for me to write another blog here. Bye for now..


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  1. papapower
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 10:05:27

    best nyer….


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