Hard Love

When we were young and had no worries we learned that love was a simple and pure emotion. Love was a feeling bigger than anything. It cures pain and  keeps us safe. Even if life was hard, I believe that love made it all unnoticeable..at least in our young innocent eyes. Love was unconditional. We never have to ask to be loved. Whether we were nice, good, naughty or bad we were accepted and cared for without any prejudice.

As we grew older, love became a different emotion. No longer as innocent as we knew it to be. Love came with a prize, be it happiness or misery, which we would feel at one point in our life. Love becomes a thing that needs continuous work. It demands some sacrifice and unbidden tears. No longer unconditional or innocent.  Even if we wanted it to be pure and simple as it used to be, the truth is Love has become a prized commodity.

We begin to do things, even if it is not of our liking, just to get approval and noticed. And most importantly the ultimate prize, to be loved and cherish. How could this be?

Well, the love we knew when we were young could not exist anymore. Simply because we often seek love at the wrong places with the wrong people. We think the other stranger will be able to provide the same quality of love our family (especially our parents) had given us before. The thing is just that, these people are strangers. It’s a learning process, a process needing years of patience and communication between two people.

Unfortunately, in the era of the updated technology and the world of high speed “everything”, love has become a fast food franchise. You’ll get what you buy over the counter. If you get a bad order, you just chuck it off the side. No more perusing over our choices because you know there are more choices out there to pick from. Love looks simple enough to order but the end result will be bad for you.


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  1. randomlylovinglife
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 13:54:40

    love this!
    You’ve got it spot on how our concept of love changes! ❤


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