The 10 things I hate about ME

In view of the upcoming New Year and my yearly unresolved resolutions I have decided to announce the TEN things that I hate about Myself and forever wish to change.

  1. I dislike that I am a hard core procrastinator. I procrastinate at the first opportunity.
  2. I hate that I lack self-discipline. I run out of focus faster than I run out of breath at a 10m dash.
  3. I hate that I can never complete anything to the end and til it is a success.I can’t follow through. I almost always stop midway in all of my projects. I won’t give any examples coz it’d be too embarrassing.
  4. I hate that I jump into everything to early and with little research hence making bigger and bigger mistakes as I go along and with greater and greater consequences.
  5. I hate that my heart rules over my head.
  6. I hate that I am such a lazy bum when I know I can’t afford to be.
  7. I hate that I am afraid of hard work and failing.
  8. I hate that I am afraid to open my mouth and say something, which makes me a bad marketeer.
  9. I hate that I am disorganized and too easily distracted by the slightest thing that looks easier.
  10. I hate that I am selfish and can only think of what I want, thus making even more bad decisions.

Perhaps I lied about hating 10 things about me.. I do believe I have a few more in my sleeves. But maybe I will keep that unannounced for another day. Do I need motivation? YES, I do. Do I need to be hynotised? Yes I do ( coz that’d be the easier way out of the rut I am in). Do I need a new New Year Resolution? No I don’t need one coz last year’s list was pretty much left untouched.

What do I need? I need a paradigm shift and a new brain with a new attitude. I am the tin man plus the lion pls the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aidi-safuan
    Dec 24, 2009 @ 03:01:35

    aiyok…dont hate yourself lor…
    if u hate yourself,how people want to love u?


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