The light in your eyes

I am going to do a review on this korean drama that I had finished watching last friday. The drama was also known as Dazzling. Please bear in mind that this is in fact a personal review of what I thought of the drama.

In the beginning, in its first episode I thought I was watching a simple love story between a young woman who was still without a career nor a family of her own. Living with her parents and her older brother who was also living off their parents. I was happy to watch the 2nd episode because that was when the mystical part of the drama began.

But the real beauty of the drama started when the main character transformed into an old lady. To know more on why and how she changed, I guess there is only one way to know. Yupe, please do watch it.

Kim Hye Ja acted as the character named after herself. She was truly a great character to watch. I smiled, laughed, sobbed and cried watching this incredible actress play her role. The story line touched me on many levels. Points of the story that had me bawling most of the time was

1. A mother who tried sticking through a husband who treated her like a stranger.

2. The father who didn’t know how to express his love for his family.

3. The brother who did nothing right.

4. The friends who were always there for Hye Ja.

5. A mother who was left alone by her living son.

6. A mother who lost her husband and had to be cruel to be kind to her son.

Actually there are some more points in the drama that I loved and felt deeply for. The drama really made me cry, and feel incredibly sad.

I basically cried at the end of every episode starting from the 6th or 7th episode. I usually binge watch 2 days worth of episodes. So I practically cried every week after watching the newly uploaded episodes.

It is a story about growing old, being old, letting go of the past and holding on to memories. The different perspectives of the younger and the older generations. I recommend it.

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