Short Story Part1

Pushing her wooden cart around, the whispers barely registered. She continued rummaging through the bins left outside in the neighborhood. Anything looking almost usable, she picked up, surveyed it in detail and put it into her cart. Any scraps of paper, wood, metal or anything that could be recycled she collected and kept in her now almost full cart.

She didn’t mind when the house owners stared at her as she went through their garbage. She usually made sure she kept their bin and its area clean, leaving nothing out of place.. She was ever thankful if the owners made it easier for her by separating their garbage into two bags, recycleable and non recycleable items. Then she wouldn’t have to get down and dirty.

Every day she will visit different neighborhood area, revisiting the area once a fortnight. She didn’t want to get to familiar with the people living there. Once she’s finished with the collecting, she would drag that cart of hers to her favourite spot, a hidden spot from prying eyes. A nook under a tree just by the curb at the deserted playground. The playground seldom saw visitors of late eversince a child got abducted in broad day light. No one suspected her nor did anyone want to do anything to her. She could be obscure when she wanted to.

There, at her ‘headquarters’ as she’d call it, she’d dilligently sort out the materials that are practically in good shape, materials that can be saved, recycled or used for herself. Looking at her loot that day, she thought to herself she made quite an impressive job. Calculating roughly, she estimated that she could at least get around 15 ringgit for her work. That would be enough for some food to buy for a few days and a tiny sum put aside for rainy days. And maybe if she was careful enough, that would hold up for when she hardly got anything.

Life’s tough. But at least she isn’t starving. Neither is she stealing money, cheating other people, murdering anyone, begging nor selling herself. Though she’s barely making ends meet but her conscience is clear.


Heaving her carefully sorted loot into her cart, she began to push her cart towards the rows of shoplots. The cart rattling and protesting at each step, bringing evidence of its old age. She was thankful that it had stayed intact all these while and had been a blessing in disguise many a times. 

Approaching the nearest shop building, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She could see a group of boys skating at the vacant lot where she uses to sleep and eat at night. One of the boys caught her eye. Her heart skipped. 

He came today, she thought. 

She didn’t dare move. She felt as though any movement from her would cause the boys to run and scatter like leaves in the wind. 

No use trying to clean herself up. The clothes on her back is one out of the three she owned. She used to have drawers upon drawers of clothes. Fine costumes that she loved to put on and preen for hours. Used to being the operative word. She sighed. And her shoulders sagged. She turned away from the boys and decided to find another place to rest while waiting for them to return home.



Library adventuring

We are at this very moment at the Selangor State Library. Seeing that today is a Saturday and the kids are all at home, so I thought I’d bring them all (including my toddler) to visit the selangor lib. It’s newly opened and so far i am loving the kids section of the library. They have an interactive floor game… Where the kids can actually chase flowers on the floor.

They have computers with internet connection. Places where the kids can play, lie down, sit and it caters much from every range of age. However, if you are and adult planning for a quiet place to read, this is probably the last place you should be heading.. Coz i am sitting under a fake tree writing with kids running around me..



What tomorrow brings

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy!

My wordpress entries are very spaced out.. So far this year I’ve only done 2 posts (this one included). That is pathetic! I know I could do better. My other blog is fairing a bit better than this. Probably because the other one has adverts in it thus hoping that I’d be getting paid..Well, a long time coming I tell ya.. But I’ve been patient all this while, I guess waiting a bit more wouldn’t hurt since I am not the most organised, constant person in the world. So it figures. It sucks but it makes sense, right?

I am still hoping to get out of this lazy pattern of mine. They say that if you do something regularly in 28 days, you’d have made it a habit.. So this is what I think I should do. I am going to make a list of all the things I want to change into a habit (positive ones only of course) and then we will wait and see if it actually works. No cheating, no cutting backs and no skipping of routines.

To tell you the truth, this won’t be the first time I am trying such a thing. Seriously, I’ve lost count of the times. But they say we should never stop trying to be a better person… Well, I’ll start with 1 or 2 things first and move on to other things when I have succeeded…

However, I will start………tomorrow.

My aspiring doctor

future physician in the making

future physician in the making

This is my daughter role playing.. Not surprising as a doctor. She is poking me all over my body from the tip of my hair to the nail on my toes.
Talk about a thorough check up..

It made me remember the times when I as a child played make believe with my sister. My mum had told me she always noticed that whenever we played together, my sister would be the dominant figure while I played the opposite.

No surprise my sister is an authority in her job. I am more of a follower. I guess even when we were young there is a hint of the leader (or lack of it) in us.

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5 talents I wish I had

Have you ever looked at a person and find yourself saying, “Hmm, I wish I could do that..”? Well, I certainly have, several moments in fact. I looked at something or someone and thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great if I could do that…or more”. Today I thought I’d just list that all out and see what I have… or wished that I had. See if you ever thought that too?

  1. Sing – yupe, you thought it. Too much American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Britain Got Talent, Malaysian Idol and what not. Nowadays, even chipmunks can sing. But this is the talent that when you open your mouth and sing everyone else stops in mid motion and stand mesmerized.
  2. Dance – Do you think you can Dance? I sometimes think I can Dance. Most of the time I know I can do your basic side to side, front and back, a little jig and shake but nothing fancy. All that ballet moves, bending and doing splits plus somersaults. Wow, that I wish I could do.
  3. Oratorical speaker – Some people are just gifted to speak in front of an audience AND capture 110% of their attention. Everything they say are just like gold falling out of their mouth and the audience would be hanging to every single drop of word. They can say crap but audience will hear sweet melodies out of them. Wouldn’t that be great? To have people around you cling to your words.
  4. Leadership – Not everyone can be a leader. Many turned out to be followers all their lives. I would love to have that in born talent to be such an authority figure people respect and look up to my leadership quality. I am telling you that is one talent that’s hard to find.
  5. Finally, an Inventor – and what I meant is a creative individual. At the moment I am as creative as a frog. If I crack my brain a bit harder then I can be a little bit more creative than normal. Otherwise creativity level for me is almost NIL. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have creativity flow through you and everytime you need it, you just have to close your eyes for awhile and all kinds of ideas rush to greet you.

Well, that’s my list…for now. This is however an ever growing list and tends to change it’s item now and again. I am sure I can come up with another list soon enough.

Threading thru my baju Raya

Okay, I am getting the hang of this sewing hobby. Once I am done with my Baju Raya project, I have to say I am definitely going to try some other non major and less time-consuming sewing projects. Such as? Wow, I could try making a handkerchief, adding embroidery to it. Or try out bags? Ugly bags, nice bags, tote bags, lunch bags (hmm..i am still learning the names of the types of bags there are in the market.). Or I could try making my girls some dresses..or not..

I realized that learning something new gives me a certain feeling of contentment. It’s no wonder we are always encouraged to learn, learn and not stop learning. It doesn’t have to be learning in an institution. In fact it could be simple everyday things. Recipes. Home organizing. DIY home decorations. Goodness, the lists goes on and on. The sense of accomplishment you get from looking at the end product of your work as a result of your information acquirement is truly sensational. Subhanallah!

Maybe when I am confident enough of the results of my sewing, I may put it up for viewing and sale. Who knows, I may get ahead soon. 🙂

Time to take charge and be the person I want to be. (Someone else?:P) Time to BE BOLD

    and BE BRAVE

. Lets put on that TIGGERriffic mask and paint those awesome stripes on us. Figuratively..


Project Raya Runway So Far

I just realised something about me. I get distracted too easily. Humph! I was going around blogwalking recently, trying to promote my other blog and a typical shoppaholic that I am, I had a very strong urge to splurge on the crazy beautiful things on OTHER peeps blogs. Dang! My head is still spinning from all the information and image download.

Okay, my Raya Runway Project is so far almost at a standstill. Got too many other commitments to tend to. I am hoping that my Raya Runway won’t turn into our Raya Run Away!! Yikes! Anyway, I did manage to almost get my youngest son ‘Baju Melayu” done.

Danish's Raya Couture

Danish's Raya Couture

Now about the pants that go with that “baju”, that would be the unfinished part, yet to be done soon enough.

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Danish's Raya Couture Bottom

Well at least Raya morning, when given the red carpet infamous question “Who are you wearing?”, I can say proudly Danish is wearing MamaTinie’s Design.

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